!!!...Congratulations to

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!!!...Congratulations to

[color=violet]السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
on the occasion of the opening of the new university year 2009/2010 extend
my congratulations to each university from the first to the seventh year in addition to the special greeting to all students from third year medical students and third year law and management and master's and doctoral students with aspirations for success and excellence

the third year for me , black angelooooo

black angelo
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Trés actif

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!!!...Congratulations to :: تعاليق

مُساهمة في 2009-10-18, 00:53 من طرف Palomba

I hope to you (black angelo) and all our students a success with happness.Good luck

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مُساهمة في 2009-10-18, 01:16 من طرف black angelo

ohhhhhhhhhhh thank you very very match my ancle BETOUS me too i hop so to evry one in the floooor
thank you again and gooood n8

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مُساهمة في 2009-10-18, 12:41 من طرف dracula

Bonjour les vampires comment vont mes chers amis que j'ai délaissés pour des raisons secrètes,
black angelo tu es vraiment un ange et tu mérites des félicitations car en pensant à encourager nos étudiants et à leur souhaiter réussite tu montres ton attachement aux cadres, à l'élite et au savoir, principal facteur de développement économique et de progrès social.
Bonne journée et bon courage.

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مُساهمة في 2009-10-18, 18:02 من طرف black angelo

thank you very match ancle dracula
reality**you're very nice because you have a gooood spirit

thank's again
your son black angelooooooo

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